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Hillsborough, NH is turning 250 in 2022 (November 4th to be exact), and we think we look pretty darn good for our age!  So to celebrate, we're hosting a party with exciting events in each month of 2022 and everyone is invited.  Yes, a whole year's worth of fun! 

Browse through the information below to learn more.

Admission Cost

Every month during 2022, we're hosting one or more exciting events.  Most of the events have free admission, with the exception of the March corned beef dinner, July garden and barn tour, August wrestling and August History Alive.  Check out the details for the event that tickles your fancy.  

Event Registration
More images from Hillsborough Historical Society


The 250th steering committee is looking for willing-and-able souls to help out with a variety of tasks associated with the anniversary celebration. Contact the committee  to see how you can help! 



In 1735 and 1736, Colonel John Hill was granted a tract of land about six miles square and named it Hillborough.  The ‘s’ was added later.  He started a community with a generous tract of land, which would be known as Hillsborough Center.  Hillsborough was incorporated on November 4, 1772 at the Bradford Inn on Bible Hill.  Hillsborough has many attributes to be proud of including two remarkable historic areas in the Center and Lower Villages, Fox Forest, more preserved stone arch bridges than any other town in New Hampshire, lakes and river-ways and the Franklin Pierce Homestead, the home of the fourteenth President of the United States – Franklin Pierce.  Lots more details can be found at the Hillsborough Historical Society website.

More images from hillsborugh Historical Society
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